Archelis Introduces Innovative Lower Limb Exoskeleton “ArchelisFX Stick” to the US Manufacturing Sector for the First Time

Yokohama, Japan – September 13, 2023 – Archelis Inc. (CEO: Hideyuki Fujisawa), a pioneering startup specializing in the design, development, and distribution of the innovative exoskeleton suit “Archelis” , is proud to announce the successful introduction of the “ArchelisFX Stick” to Hi-Lex Controls, Inc. (President: Brad Semp), a leading American automotive parts manufacturer headquartered in Litchfield, Michigan.

The “ArchelisFX Stick” is designed to alleviate the physical strain of prolonged standing work, addressing a global challenge in reducing employee workload and improving working conditions.
Archelis Inc. has actively pursued its mission to remove strain from standing works since 2022, participating in exhibitions in both the United States and Europe, establishing a network of distributors, and conducting product trials within local companies’ standing work processes. After approximately one year of trial and performance verification with Hi-Lex Controls, Inc., the “ArchelisFX Stick” has been officially adopted.

In the United States, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the retirement of elderly workers concerned about severe illness, resulting in a chronic labor shortage. Manufacturing industries, particularly those where remote work is not feasible, have faced ongoing labor shortages exacerbated by rising wages due to the scarcity of workers.
Consequently, existing workers have experienced increased workloads, and in the worst cases, attrition, creating a negative cycle.

Hi-Lex Controls, Inc. also grappled with a labor shortage and the escalating burden of standing work in its own facilities. Seeking a solution to alleviate this strain, they explored the “Archelis” assist suit, leading to on-site demonstrations and trials.

Comments from Implementing Companies:
 “We sincerely thank Archelis for their responsiveness to feedback, suggestions, and requests from the operators using the demo samples. We hope that the introduction of the ‘ArchelisFX Stick’ will reduce fatigue among our workers and improve our workplace environment.”
– Takahiro Sasaki (Vice President of Corporate Planning, Hi-Lex Automotive Center)

“I would like to express our gratitude to Archelis for promoting the introduction and for developing a more robust unit that suits the physique of our workers. Best Wishes.”
– Gavin Carr (Chief Operating Officer, Hi-Lex Controls, Inc.)

Future Outlook:
“Reducing the burden of standing work and improving working conditions is not only a concern in Japan but also a global issue. Labor shortages persist in countries like the United States, Japan, and Europe, affecting numerous industries that grapple with increased workloads and attrition due to these challenges. Archelis believes that the “Archelis” assist suit can make a significant contribution in such industries.
Archelis Inc. will continue to pursue its mission of “Removing strain from standing works.” Through participation in exhibitions and sales activities, the company aims to promote the adoption of “Archelis” in countries around the world.”
said Hideyuki Fujisawa, Founder and CEO of Archelis Inc.

About ArchelisFX Stick
ArchelisFX Stick is an exoskeleton suit that safeguard medical surgeons and factory workers against lower-back and leg strains from long hours of standing.
– All mechanical requiring no electricity to operate.
– Supports the body in a standing position.
– Keeps your trunk stable by balancing your body weight.
– Easy to wear, only requiring you to fasten the belts around your foot, shin and thigh.


About Hi-Lex Controls Inc.
Company Name: Hi-Lex Controls Inc.
Business Activities: Development and manufacturing of automotive door modules, window regulators, and control cables. A 100% subsidiary of Hi-Lex Corporation (located in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan).

About  Archelis Inc.
Archelis is a Yokohama-based hardware startup with a mission to free humanity from the pain and injury of standing work. The company was born out of its founder and CEO Hideyuki Fujisawa’s project to use his engineering expertise to develop gear for doctors to reduce their physical burden from standing while performing surgery in response to a physician’s request. The company’s first product, “Archelis for medical,” has received numerous awards, including a RedDot award (2020) and a Silver Award in IAUD’s (International Association for Universal Design) International Design Award (2019).

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