Case study (Medical field)

Case study (Medical field)

Thanks to Archelis, I got the confidence. “I can still perform the surgery for ages.” I hope that Archelis will be placed in every hospital in Japan.

Dr.Aoki was suffering from lower back pain for decades. However, he had operated plenty of surgeries as a professional. The situation made his pain worse. We asked him why he chose the Archelis FX model and his improvement since installing Archelis.

​Dr. Masakazu Aoki
Matsumoto Kyoritsu Hospital

Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department

I recommend Archelis to all dentists. Because it provides not only reducing the burden on your legs and lower back, but also getting a wider visibility during the treatment.

Dr. Sato uses Archelis for the dental treatments. We asked him what kind of treatment he uses and how often he uses it. It also serves as a great conversation starter with patients, asking, “What are you using?”

Dentist. Noriaki Sato
Haramachida Dental Clinic

Location : Machida city, Tokyo
Speciality: Dentistry, Pediatric dentistry, Dental surgery

I use Archelis for a variety of surgeries and laparotomy, including more than 8 hours. It is more naturally than I expected.

Dr. Fujikawa uses Arcelis in a variety of operations, including long term operations such as hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. We asked her how often she used it, how she felt during waering it, and which operations seemed to be more suitable.

Dr. Nanako Fujikawa
​Iwaki City Medical Center​

Head of Department,
A Board-certified expert surgeon by the Japan Society
of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery


Thanks to Archelis, I no longer need a corset for my back pain. If it were not for Archelis, I would not have surgery.

Dr. Fukaya, an expert in spinal surgery who performs more than 350 surgeries a year, has used Archelis in every surgery since its introduction. We asked him how he came to the conclution that he would not perform surgery without Archelis.

Dr. Kenji Fukaya
Ayabe Renaiss Hospital

Deputy Director, Department of Neurosurgey


Since the introduction of Archelis, I feel less tired the next day. I recommend it to physicians who wear heavy protectors.

Dr. Kawahito has been a specialist in cardiac catheterization for 20 years. However, he has always suffered from back pain due to the burden of lead protectors for radiation protection. We asked him about the effects of introducing Archelis and how he operated the catheter and pedals while wearing it.

Dr. Michitomo Kawahito
Shizuoka City Shizuoka Hospital

Head, Cardiovascular Medicine Department
Heart Care Team Leader

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