Is it easy to walk with wearing the archelis??

Archelis is an assist suit which is just focusing on support the prolonged standing at work.

Can the archelis cure backache?

Archelis can not cure backache, it just reduces the burden on the lower back. We have some research data that archelis reduce the burden on the lower back.

Can the user put on the archelis by oneself without help?

Yes. Once the user gets used to the arhcelis, it only 30 Seconds to put on the archelis.

Do you have any recommended shoes when wearing it?

We recommend any shoes (crocks, sneakers and safety shoes), excluding high heels and bare feet.

Is it possible to climb stairs while wearing the archelis?

Please refrain from climbing stairs for safety.

Is it possible for employees to share one device?

Possible. Please adjust the size for each user. In general, we do recommend though that every employee has his or her own archelis available for use.

Let me know the approximate usage time for one use.

Nothing in particular. Please use while taking an appropriate break.

How long time can I put it on?

Depends on the situation and individuals.

How long does it take to get used to the archelis?

Depends on individuals. But many people get used to it within a minute.

Is it possible to pick up objects from the floor while wearing the archelis?


Is it possible to change the sitting angle?

Yes. Archelis have 2 modes, stand mode and archelis(half-sitting) mode. See category “mode”.

Pin cover does not come off !

Take it off by pushing or pulling obliquely.

Does it make any noise while operating?

It makes some noise while walking.

Can I wear it with something in my pocket?

Yes. But for your comfortable use, we recommend with nothing in your pocket.

Can I use it on one leg?

Please refrain from using on one foot.

Can elderly people use it as well?

Yes. But take extra care not to fall down.

Can woman use it as well?

Of course! 

Is it possible to crouch down with my knees bent when wearing it?

Possibe when you use Free mode. But please note that it may cause malfunctions when you crouch down completely and weigh on the main unit.

Do you have any points to be noted when I put it on?

Please use it after adjusting to an appropriate size.

Is it possible to sit on a chair while wearing it?