Scientific Evidence_Why is archelis goodfor your legs and back?– なぜ、アルケリスが 立ち作業者の足腰に良いのか? –

Why is archelis good
for your legs and back?

Ideal standing posture

santding posture
sitting posture
load on feet
load on the lower back
featuresIn addition to the fatigue caused by standing, the concentration of the weight load on the lower body causes pain in the soles of the feet.Sitting on a chair rounds your back and crushes your pelvis, putting a strain on your lower back and causing stiff neck and shoulders.When Archelis is worn, the pelvis stands up, the S-shape of the spine is maintained, the trunk is stabilized, and an ideal standing posture is maintained.

Distribute your weight and support

In a standing posture, the weight load is concentrated on the soles of the feet, and fatigue accumulates throughout the feet.

Archelis distributes weight evenly across the thighs and shins, reducing stress on the soles of the feet by up to 50%. Relieves chronic pain and fatigue caused by prolonged standing.

Weight is distributed and supported by Archelis

Offloading verification data

In a demonstration experiment conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the effect of reducing the burden of Archelis was recognized. It was found that the muscle activity of the erector spinae and calf gastrocnemius muscles during standing work was reduced by up to 41% while wearing Archelis.

令和3年度 厚生労働省「高年齢労働者安全衛生対策機器実証実験事業」筋電位計測の様子
Comparison of the results of muscle potential measurement during standing work with and without Archelis

In addition, musculoskeletal analysis using a human model showed that Archelis reduced the load on the lower back by up to 33%. From both experiments and simulations, it was clarified that the wearing of Archelis reduces the physical burden of standing work.

筋骨格解析モデル アルケリスの有無における比較
Simulation results of musculoskeletal analysis with and without Archelis