Compared to other lower limb exoskeleton-Understand properly, use properly-

Compared to other lower limb exoskeleton
-Understand properly, use properly-

There are a lot of exoskeletons in this market, sometimes users are
confused about which exoskeleton is suit for

their factory or work environment.

This page will assist you in understanding archelis features.

Point.1 Posture

Archelis focuses on the standing posture for working standing for long periods of time during their work. In opposite, other lower limb exoskeletons focus on sitting work, I mean the concept is totally different. In the case of archelis, we focus on standing work, wearers center of gravity is forward. but other exoskeletons’  center of gravity when users wear it is backward.

In general, the posture during work tends to be forward-leaning since the workstation or tasks are typically in front of the individual.

From that perspective, archelis can be considered a suitable product for standing work.

standing work
Back Pain Countermeasure

Point.2 No power supply / not active one

Archelis is a passive exoskeleton so you can not be an Iron-man or robo-cop.
Not assisting when you are lifting stuff and walking long distances.
Archelis supports “static” standing work, not dynamic.

standing work
Back Pain Countermeasure

Point 3 Navigate steps or stairs with Archelis.

One of the most common misconceptions about Archelis is that it cannot climb stairs.
That’s completely incorrect.

Archelis can change the modes(free, archelis, stand), in free mode since the knee’s range of motion is unrestricted, you can bend your knee, squat, and move freely.

There are also advantages such as” easy wearing” and “repairability”. 
Please give it a try.

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