Product Introduction for Medical use


Product introduction
for Medical use

archelis for Medical use

Exoskeleton assist suit which enables long-
hour standing works without stress on legs
and lower back

By supporting the body in a standing position, the fatigue of the body
caused by long-hour standing works is greatly reduced. By balancing and
supporting your weight with your shins and thighs, your body trunk is kept
stable, making you relieved from back pain

Feature 1.
Freely walk and sit anywhere you want

Thanks to comfortable fitting and right-and-left separated structure,
it enables you to repeat “walking” and “sitting” freely with wearing it.


No power supply needed

Only a mechanical structure, without power supply or motor, makes it work. You don’t have to worry about running out of battery or charging.


Feature 3.
Easy to wear for any height or body type

Just fasten three places on foot, shin, and thigh
on each leg by yourself. Now you can start using it.


The product provides 3 modes to suit different levels of
ease in walking and standing position retention.
You can switch modes using the locking dials on knees.

Free mode

Easier to walk than other modes. You can bend your knees freely, and there are no restrictions on movement of your legs.This mode does not support the standing position.

Archelis mode

This mode is hybrid mode enabling both of walking and standing body support. Support your body with your knees bent slightly.

Standing mode

This mode supports the standing body. At first glance, it looks like just standing, but the user can maintain the posture without any fatigue.

Compare Archelis

Archelis has different parts structure and materials
3 types.
You can select the type that suits your work environment and process.

the lightest modelmobility and stabilityoutstanding stability
(size M, one leg)
1.8 kg / 4.0 lb2.1 kg / 4.6 lb2.7 kg / 6.0 lb
(thigh, shin)
Foot structureアルケリスの足元パーツ_スティックアルケリスの足元パーツ_ラチェットバックルアルケリスの足元パーツ_ラチェットバックル
Max. load weight
(size L)
~115 kg / 254 lb~115 kg / 254 lb~90 kg / 198 lb
Price for rental
(JPY, Monthly)
30,000yen 30,000yen28,000yen 
Price for sales498,000yen498,000yen450,000yen

Product specifications

 product name archelisFXstick archelisFX archelis
 product code arFXS001 arFX001 ar001
(thigh, shin)
Flexcarbon Metal
Wearable height 1.45 – 1.65m (size S)
1.60 – 1.85m (size M)
1.70 – 1.95m (size L) *1
Max. load weight 65kg (size S)
90kg (size M)
115kg (size L) *1
Size (one leg) 17.5× 28.0× 71.5cm (size S)
17.5× 28.0× 78.5cm (size M)
17.5× 28.0× 82.3cm (size L) *1
Weight (one leg) 1.7kg (size S)
1.8kg (size M)
1.9kg (size L)
2.0kg (size S)
2.1kg (size M)
2.5kg (size L)
2.3kg (size S)
2.7kg (size M)
Color Carbon black Black / White
Accessory Dedicated stand

*1 The product name “archelis” does not include size L.

Steps to introduction


Please fill in the blank

* This product cannot be used by people who have difficulty walking normally due to disabilities.
  *Applications for this product are limited to corporations. Cannot be used by individuals.