CaseStudy_Matsumoto Kyoritsu Hospital

Case Study

Thanks to Archelis, I got a confidence.

“I can still perform the surgery for ages.”
I hope that Archelis will be placed in every hospital in Japan.

Matsumoto Kyoritsu Hospital
Cardiovascular Surgery Department

Dr. Masakazu Aoki

Number of staff:450 including 38 M.D. , 209nurses
Number of beds:199

Q. What type of operation do you use Archelis for?

There are many different types of surgeries in cardiovascular.
We mainly perform cardiac surgery, large vessel surgery, endoscopic catheterization, stent grafting, and valvular surgery.
It is also used quite often in endoscopic heart surgery.
If it’s a surgery that lasts more than two hours, I try to use it as much as possible.

I go to five different hospitals approxi once a week to operate. If I have an information about the long surgery in advance,
I carry Archelis in my suitcase.
Such as open chest surgery, I have to keep a peeking posture, I use Archelis to sit down when I need a break.
In my opinion, fatigue is totally different compare to using archelis or not.

Q. Why did you choose the ArchelisFX (Rachet buckle type)?
What makes you the decision?

It’s stability. I tried using both model (Rachet buckle and stick) .
As for which model to choose, there’s the type of surgery, how much it moves, and then there’s preference.
Archelis is quite similar to the feeling of sitting in a chair.
There is very little back strain.

Q.How do you feel about the difference before and after using Archelis?

In long surgeries, I could not move from the spot after the surgery due to my lower back pain.
Since I’ve started using Archelis, I can walk normally and stably.

Before using archelis, I had to go to physical therapy to recover my lower back pain.
I had thought it would be a little difficult to move or play sports.
I’d had lower back pain for about 10years.
The accumulation of years, standing in strange posture for long periods of time in surgery made my pain worse.

Recently, I really don’t have lingering fatigue or back pain.
As the result of my improvement, I haven’t been to physical therapy for months.

Thanks to Archelis, I got the confidence.
“I can still perform the surgery for ages.”

Q. Who would you recommend Archelis to?

I would like to recommend using Archelis in fluoroscopic surgery.
Becasue they wear the heavy protecter appoxi 5kg, it increases fatigue after the surgery.
I believe Archelis would help the surgeon reduce the strain considerably.

By using Archelis from a young age, you probably will not have back pain in the future.
We face the issue about the shortage of surgeons.
I think Archelis will be one incentive for the person who wants to become a surgeon.
And of course, the scrub nurses are basically the same circumstanes.
Since many of them are standing in surgery for the same amount of time.
I think it would be good to have them use it.

I hope that Archelis will be placed in every hospital in Japan and will spread the word, I believe it’s so worth it.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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