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Case study

Since introducing Archelis, I’m less tired the next day! I recommend it to physicians who wear heavy protectors.

Dr. Michitomo Kawahito
Shizuoka City Shizuoka Hospital
Head, Cardiovascular Medicine Department
Cardiac Catheter Ablation Specialist

Number of staff: 167 doctors, 556 nurses, 176 medical technology staff, 70 others
Number of beds: 506


How did you come to introduce Archelis?

In cardiac catheterization, we wear lead protectors for radiation protection. And we are on our feet for long periods of time during the 2 to 3 hours operation. The weight of the protector becomes a burden, and I have suffered from back pain. In addition, I developed a lumbar hernia when I was young and have had two surgeries. I have been looking for a solution for the past 20 years since I started working with catheterization. Then I found “Archelis”.


What were the deciding factors for introducing Archelis?

First of all, Archelis reduces the burden on the legs and back during operations. And the fact that it can be introduced without changing the layout of the operating room is also excellent. It is easy to put on. Furthermore, the pedal operation, which is frequently performed in catheterization, can be performed without any problem. I also like that the angle when sitting on Archelis is just right for catheter operation.


How often do you use Archelis?

We perform 3 or 4 catheterizations a week, and we always use Archelis if the procedure is longer than 3 hours.
Also, even if the operation time is short, if I perform 2 or 3 surgeries in a day, it still puts a heavy burden on my body. In such cases, I use Archelis.


Have you experienced any positive effects from the introduction of Archelis?

Since the introduction of Archelis, I am most pleased that I am less tired the next day. During operations, I am concentrating so hard that I am not conscious of feeling tired. However, before I introduced Archelis, I used to feel very tired after returning home.

Archelis has been very helpful in terms of “not leaving me tired the next day,” so I think Archelis is already a necessary part of my life.


Who is Archelis recommended for?

I recommend Archelis for doctors who suffer from back pain, as well as surgeons and assistants who wear heavy protectors. From my experience, I believe that it is more important to prevent back pain before it gets worse than to deal with it after it gets worse. I think it is a good idea for young doctors who want to work in surgery for a long time to start using Archelis as early as possible in terms of back pain prevention.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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