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Case Study

Archelis is the best way to help employees reduce their fatigue
while working standing.

Daisuke Shingaya
President and Representative Director
Tetsuhimaku Galvanizing Industry Co.,Ltd. 

Capital: 10 million yen
Number of employees: 22
Business activities:
Hot-dip galvanizing works

Q. Please tell us about your job.

Our main business is coating Hot-dip galvanizing to fabricated steel.
I was feeling uneasy because there are many jobs that require standing for long periods of time.
In addition, because of the shortage of employees, we had to assign the standing works to elder workers.
I managed to want to improve such situation, so I decided to implement Archelis.

Q. Which kind of your works do you use Archelis?

I installed Archelis for the preparation of Hot-dip galvanizing process.
It has plenty of steels we have to treat, that’s why employees are always busy and have to stand in the same positon there.
I sometimes saw employees were bending and stretching as the expression of fatigue and relief the discomfort. I strongly wanted to reduce it.

Q. What do you think about Archelis after using it for several months?

The purpose of implementation the product is to reduce fatigue for all employees, I hope that could happen.
When I used it, I realized my fatigue was reducing and it made me relax.

Teruo Iida
In charge of the preparation of Hot-dip galvanizing process
Tetsuhimaku Galvanizing Industry co.,Ltd. 

Q. Which kind of process do you use Archelis?

It is the first process of Hot-dip galvanizing works. I am threading wire through metal and putting it together.
Basically, I work in a stooped position for long hours during the process. It makes my neck, shoulder and lower back pain, of course, fatigue.

Q. How do you feel about using Archelis?

I am feeling good. It makes my posture very stable and supports my standing position for long hours.
One day, my president recommended I use Archelis. I tried it on.
When I use it, my lower back stretches. So I am no longer hunched over and my back muscles are straight.
Anyway, my biggest impression is that our president cares not only about my job content but also my physical condition. I am very impressed.

Q. Who is Archelis recommended for?

I think it is suitable for workers who stand for long periods of time and do work in the same position.
I expect that wearing Archelis will reduce your lower back pain.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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