Case study (Factory field)_Yamafuku Suisan

​Case study

The seafood processing industry requires a lot of standing, so Archelis can be expected to reduce the burden on the body in the industry!

Makoto Misaki
Representative Director
Yamafuku Suisan Co., Ltd.

Capital: 10 million yen
Number of employees: 56
Business activities: purchasing, processing, and selling fishery products


How did you come to introduce Archelis?

We purchase, process, and sell frozen skipjack and tuna landed at the Port of Yaizu. There are many processes in seafood processing that require employees to work standing up, so we were looking for a way to reduce the workload of our employees.

​We happened to hear about Archelis on the radio and it sounded good, so we decided to introduce it.

What work processes did you use Archelis for?

In the “loin process,” the floor is constantly wet with water and littered with fish residue. It is a very slippery environment, but we did not experience any slippage with Archelis.

​Since “inspection” is done almost exclusively in one place, Archelis seems to be very easy to use. In addition, the new Archelis FX stick is easier to move than the previous model. Thanks to this, even in “packing,” which requires a lot of fine movement, it was well received as very easy to work with.


What do you expect from Archelis?

Above all, we expect Archelis to reduce employee’s fatigue.

Especially since skipjack is a highly seasonal product, we are very busy from March to June. If some people have to take time off due to fatigue, it increases the burden on others. This is a vicious cycle.

We would be happy if Archelis can alleviate some of the fatigue of our employees. In fact, there is a lot of standing work in the seafood processing industry. From the perspective of the SDGs and the improvement of the working environment, I believe that the introduction of Arcelis could spread rapidly in the future.


Yamafuku Suisan Co., Ltd.
Loin Process Mr. Yokouma
Years of service: 14 years


What process do you use Archelis in?

I used Archelis in the loin process. The workers stand in front of the forming machine for a long time while handling frozen fish using their upper body. This is a very physically demanding work site.


How did you feel using Archelis?

Without a doubt, I felt that the strain on my legs and back was reduced. Once I got used to wearing it, it was no problem and took no time at all.

​The loin process is hard on the feet and back because it requires standing and using the upper body to do the work. Some people become fatigued and aggravate back pain. I hope such people will be able to work without health concerns with Archelis.


What kind of process do you think Archelis is best suited for?

For example, gutting.
There are many places in the factory where Archelis would be useful and helpful.

I would recommend that young employees use Archelis as early as possible, because it is too late after they become physically ill.

Yamafuku Suisan Co., Ltd.
inspection process Ms. Kawamura
Years of service: 11 years


What processes do you use Archelis for?

I used Archelis for inspection and packaging. Inspection is a process that forces the worker to stay in one place in the same posture, so Archelis was a perfect fit. Packing, on the other hand, involves a lot of movement, such as moving boxes and products. However, the new stick model is easier to move and I was able to use it effectively in such a moving packing process.


Do you feel the effects of Archelis in reducing fatigue?

Yes, I do. I have weak knees, so I am thankful that Archelis has reduced the burden on my knees and made my work much easier.

​When the pain in my knees got worse, I used to go to the hospital for painkiller injections. However, thanks to Arcelis, I have been getting fewer injections recently. I notice that my fatigue at work is reduced when I go home and walk up and down the stairs.


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the case study of Yamafuku Suisan

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