On-site trial sessions were held at four Assist Suit companies!

Four assistive technology companies (Archelis Corporation, Innophys Corporation, Kaji Corporation, and Daydo Corporation) announced in a press release that they will jointly hold a hands-on experience session on a business trip.

Four Assistive Suit Companies to Jointly Hold Hands-on Experience Event(@Press)

In principle, we will hold a hands-on event at no charge for groups that are expected to have at least 5 companies, such as commercial associations, industry associations, and unions. (Excluding some areas. Please check the dedicated website for other conditions.) Four types of assistive suits that support arms, legs, and hips can be experienced at one time.
The period of the event is until December 26, 2022 (subject to extension). (The period may be extended.)

Dedicated website for the on-site trial event ▶https://daydo.my.canva.site/assist-taiken
(For detailed program, inquiries, and application, please click here)

Recommended for the following people
 ☑ Want to know which AssistSuit is suitable for their site.
 ☑ Want to try “assistive suits” but do not know where to inquire.
 ☑ The industry group as a whole is looking for ways to reduce the physical load on workers in order to improve the working environment.


In addition, Arcelis Corporation, INOFIS Corporation, Kaji Corporation, and Daido Corporation will jointly hold this on-site hands-on experience event, allowing visitors to experience the following four types of assistive suits at one time.

Archelis (Archelis Inc.)
 A wearable chair that allows users to sit while standing without the need for a power source, easing the burden on the legs and hips during standing work.

Muscle Suit Every (Innophys Corporation)
 An assistive suit that maintains a mid-back posture and reduces the burden on the lower back when lifting people or heavy objects.

Leavo (Kaji Corporation)
 An assistive suit that reduces the burden on the shoulders and lower back when bending forward, and also enables natural movement that conforms to the body.

TASK AR (Daydo Co., Ltd.)
 An assistive suit for upward work that reduces the burden of upper arm work using gas springs.

This is an opportunity to experience all four types of assistive suits at once, so please feel free to contact us for more information!

For inquiries, please contact
Archelis Inc. Attn: Iida
12-4 Torihama-cho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 236-0002, Japan

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