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Case study

We introduced 7 Archelis units for female workers and have succeeded in reducing their physical burden and reducing work errors.

Yoshihiko Hashizume
President and Representative Director
Koryo Co., Ltd.

Capital: 10 million yen
Number of employees: 48
Business activities: Manufacture of metal springs


What made you decide to introduce Archelis?

Many of our employees who were required to stand for long periods of time complained of back, shoulder, and neck pain. Also, standing work inevitably causes employees to lose their concentration after 20 minutes or so, which leads to an increase in mistakes.

We tried to introduce chairs, but they made it difficult to work because the body was separated from the worktable, and sitting in a chair caused the employee to hunch over, which put additional strain on the lower back.

What do you think when you first saw Archelis?

When I saw first saw Archelis on TV, I was very interested in it because I wanted to solve the problem of the physical burden caused by stand work.

​My honest impression was like “Is this really the solution?”. Archelis does not use electricity or air, so I was skeptical that the physical load would change that much.


What were the deciding factors for introducing Archelis?

The deciding factor was that our employees could actually feel the benefits. When we purchased one for trial use and asked employees to wear it and work with it, they said “My back is not painful” and “I can work more comfortably than before”.

you have introduced additional units,and now you have a total of 7 units.
Why is that?

After the introduction of one Archelis unit, we often heard comments from female workers that Archelis helped them to work with less physical strain, and that they could work as if they were sitting down.

We also realized that the number of errors caused by loss of concentration had also decreased.
Therefore, we additionally introduced Archelis for female workers performing visual inspections. We have now installed a total of seven units, and we are very satisfied with the results.


How do you realize the effects of Archelis?

We are very satisfied with the positive effects of the introduction of Archelis. This involves not only the reduction of physical burden, but also the effect on the mental aspect. Workers have told us that we are a good company that thinks about its employees, and this has led to increased employee motivation.

​I would definitely recommend Archelis to anyone who works standing for long periods of time with little movement.

Thank you for your cooperation!

The case study of KORYO

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