Case Study_Sekimoto Kanko Co., Ltd.

Case Study

Archelis is my compassion in a word.

Masasuke Sekimoto
President and Representative Director
Sekimoto Kanko Co., Ltd.

Capital: 10 million yen
Number of employees: 21
Business activities: Stainless steel planning and piping work

Q. Please tell us about your job.

Our company is undertaking stainless steel piping work such as incubator, which is at the heart of pharmaceutical plants across the country. We are a company with technology that no other company can match.
Before using Archelis, We had a employee with back pain who said that standing work was difficult for him.
In standing all day long, I wanted to lighten burden he faced somehow.
But I was thinking, “I don’t want something like an active exoskeleon, I wanted something passive one.”

Q. How do you feel about using Archelis?

It’s a new feeling to me. I definitely felt that it reduced the burden on my back.
Archelis is my compassion in a word.
Thinking for the sake of employees that’s why I decided to implement it.

Tatsumi Kinoshita
Sekimoto Kanko Co., Ltd.​

Q. Which kind of your works do you use Archelis?

I’m in charge of various processes, such as pickling, polishing, welding, etc.
Before using Archelis, I felt quite tired after working due to stand for long periods of time in the same position.
Staying in the same position for too long can cause my posture to stiffen, leading to discomfort in my body.

Q. How do you feel about using Archelis?

To be frank, firstly I was very skeptical but once, wearing it, I realized product cater my body feel better.
When you wear Archelis, it is certain that this burden will be reduced definitely.
I think polishing and pickling are best suited for this purpose.
If you do work with Archelis, I believe fatigue and discomfort you face now will not occur.
It is used because it is necessary for business, it does not interfere with our usual work.

Q. Have you made any changes in your life since installing Archelis?

I no longer feel the pain while driving. Now I can sit and drive for a long time normally .
When my back hurts, it’s like I’m “itty bitty” while sitting or standing up.Thanks to Archelis, I can enjoy having a drink in the evening.
Archelis is the best tool for those who use it in a fixed position.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sekimoto Kanko. Co., Ltd.

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