CEO Fujisawa speaks at Nihon Kogakuin College’s “Ota Monozukuri Gakuin 2022” on September 15

CEO Hideyuki Fujisawa spoke at the 7th “Ota Monozukuri Gakuin 2022,” a special lecture for mechanical design students at the Kamada Campus of the Nippon Kogakuin College on September 15, 2022.

He talked about the current situation of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies and the development and sales of our products “Trick Cover” and “Archelis”. The students were very interested in the lecture, as they are interested in manufacturing. After the class, they had a chance to try on Archelis.

Blog of the students who attended the lecture (on the website of Nippon Kogakuin)
Kamata Campus Special Lecture “Ota Monozukuri Gakuin 2022” No. 7

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