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2. Introduction

Keynote Movie

Social Issues We Solve

Shortage of surgeons and aging population.
Due to minimally invasive catheter and laparoscopic procedures,
and the increase in the number of surgeries, etc.
The situation surrounding surgeons is becoming increasingly severe.
We Archelis believes that reducing the physical burden
on physicians during operations is necessary
to realize a high-quality, sustainable healthcare delivery system.

What is Archelis?

Archelis reduces the burden on surgeons’ feet and legs.
For product features and specifications, please visit our product page.

3. Catalog


You can download our catalogs.

4. Product

Product Comparison

Archelis is available in three types with different part structures and materials. You can select the type best suited to your work environment and process.

Improvement Point



Why Archelis is good for your
legs and back

We will explain why Archelis can reduce the load during standing work based on scientifically verified data.

5. User’s Guide

Choose the model from the products. You can download our user’s guides.
Each button includes both EU and US versions.

6. Video

a. Introduction

b. Lecture

c. Case Study

d. Repair Procedure

7. Press Kit

Please use press kit materials to promote and explain archelis.

8. Case Study


Since the introduction of Archelis, I feel less tired the next day. I recommend it to physicians who wear heavy protectors.

Dr. Kawahito has been a specialist in cardiac catheterization for 20 years. However, he has always suffered from back pain due to the burden of lead protectors for radiation protection. We asked him about the effects of introducing Archelis and how he operates the catheter and pedals while wearing it.

Shizuoka City Shizuoka Hospital
Head of Department Cardiologist,
Cardiac Catheter Ablation Specialist
Dr. Mitsutomo Kawato


Thanks to Archelis, I no longer need a corset for my back pain. If it were not for Archelis, I would not have surgery.

Dr. Fukaya, an expert in spinal surgery who performs more than 350 surgeries a year, has used Archelis in every surgery since its introduction. We asked him how he came to the conclusion that he would not perform surgery without Archelis.

Ayabe Renaiss Hospital
Deputy Director, Department of Neurosurgey
Dr. Kenji Fukaya

9. Research Papers

a. Research Paper from Dr. Kawahira

Clinical Use of a Wearable Lower Limb Support Device for Surgeries Involving Long Periods of Standing

Hiroshi Kawahira, Ryoichi Nakamura, Yoshihiro Shimomura, Takeshi Oshiro, Shinichi Okazumi

b. Research Paper from Dr. Matsuzaki

Sit-stand endoscopic workstations equipped with a
wearable chair

Ippei Matsuzaki, Takeshi Ebara, Mafu Tsunemi, Mistsuhiro Fujishiro

10. FAQ

Questions and Answers about Archelis products, operation, safety, care and purchase.